Select the topic

Art / Science / Technology / Philosophy / Hybrid

2D /  3D /  Performative /  Mechanics /  Electronics /  Space Intervention /  Virtual /  Informative and dissemination /  Robotics /  Philosophical Sciences /  Media Arts. /  Artificial intelligence /  Exact Sciences /  Natural Sciences /  Cinema / Photography / Graphics /  Design /  Dance /  Music /  Literature /  Painting /  Sculpture /  Architecture /  Trades and techniques. 

Select a shape  of text.

Article (Universal Reflection). 

Essay (Objective Criticism). 

Tale (Fantastic Story). 

Poetry (Allegory of Existence).

Investigation (Demonstration of Logical Order).

Select the tone.

This is the humor or mood of the text.

Humor must  keep  throughout the article. You can combine, but some expertise is needed  to strike a good balance. These may be some but not the only ones: Comedy, Satire, Solemn, Questioning, Fair and Ethical, Observer, Cultured, Simple, Logical Mathematical, Exclamatory, Conciliatory and Diplomatic, etc.  


Choose the time of your text

Historical / Present / Remembrance / Warning / Timeless / Unity-Eternity.

Select title

One, two or three words that in communion  contain the whole meaning of the work.

Select the subtitle

A line to say of what  it is about  your text.

Select the citation method that you will use for your text.

Reference (I will use  parenthesis)

Indication  in text (It will be  a direct point in my words) 

Footnote (I will put indexes to comment at the foot of the page)

Look for 5 means of evidence.

Any type of universal recording (original and copy) is an evidence,  a text, a video, the footprint of a dinosaur and the color in the light of  the chemical elements.

If there are 4 like yours and an original is evidence.

5 bibliographic references.

With the media and the bibliography you have 10  elements to which you will verify the following  identification information:

Name of work / Author / Date / Location of origin and current.

And the concepts  to which said work or event can be subscribed:

Baroque. Literature of romanticism. History of the ancient East. Hebrew. Sanskrit. World War II, or to point out temporal parallels, such as: at the same time as the one given, in the period of Julius Caesar, the same as the fall of the Berlin Wall, etc.   

Write the article with these measurements

Typeface "Courier"

Font size "12"

10 lines Max. per paragraph.

At 500 words Min. And 2500 words Max.

If you write more consider separating into chapters.