Check the elements and concepts  what are we looking for in a plan  here. 

We are going to plan your next presentation.

Before sending remember that it is a:

Course  school or academic: its duration depends on the objective, the number of attendees and the place where it is taught.

Workshop :  it is a natural learning situation of which  mental operations and affectivity form a constitutive part. It is a place of co-learning, where all its participants socially build knowledge and values, develop skills and attitudes  from their own experiences.

Conference :  It is a conversation or interview with someone  person specialized in a subject,  to deal with matters  political, scientific, literary, etc., or of specific interest to a community.

Seminar :  It is a specialized meeting that has a technical and academic nature, the purpose of which is to carry out an in-depth study of certain subjects with a treatment that requires interactivity between specialists. Meetings with these characteristics are considered seminars provided they have a minimum duration of six hours and a minimum number of 20  participants.

Diplomat:  It is a curricular program that structures teaching-learning units, on a certain topic and that has sufficient length and formality to guarantee the acquisition and development of a  knowledge  valid theoretical and / or practical. There are different types of diplomas that are: professionalization, updating, extension, or tailor-made programs.
The minimum duration of a diploma will be 100 hours and each module with a minimum of 20 hours.