We welcome you to Artemetria.

The use of our Services implies the acceptance of these conditions. We recommend you read them carefully.

Our Services are highly diverse, so additional product requirements or conditions (including age restrictions) may sometimes apply. The additional conditions will be available together with the relevant Services and will form part of the agreement that you establish with Artemetría when using our services.


Use of our Services.

You must follow the policies available through the Services we offer.

You must not use our Services improperly. For example, you must not interfere with such Services or attempt to access them using a method other than the interface and instructions provided by Artemetria. You may only use the Services to the extent permitted by law, including current export and re-export control laws and regulations. We may suspend or cancel our Services if you do not comply with our policies or conditions or if we believe that your conduct may be malicious.

The use of our Services does not make you the owner of any of the intellectual property rights of the same or of the content that you access. You will only be able to use the content of our Services if the owner authorizes you or if it is permitted by law. These conditions do not grant you the right to use the brands or logos used in our Services. Do not remove, hide or alter the legal notices that are displayed on our Services.

Our services display content that does not belong to Artemetria. This content is the sole responsibility of the entity that made it available. We may review the content to determine if it is illegal or violate our policies, and remove or refuse to publish it if we have sufficient reason to believe that it violates our policies or the law. However, this possibility does not necessarily imply that we review the content, so you should not assume that we will do so.

In connection with the use of the Services, we may send you service notices, administrative messages, and other information. If you want, you can disable some of these communications.

Some of our Services are available on mobile devices. Do not use those Services in a way that could distract you and prevent you from complying with traffic or safety laws.


Your Artemetry account.


You may need an Artemetry account to use some of our Services. You can create your own Artemetry account or it can be assigned to you by an administrator, the company you work for or an educational institution. If you use an Artemetry account assigned by an administrator, different or additional terms may apply to you, and your administrator will be able to access or disable your account.

To protect your Artemetría account, keep your password confidential. You are responsible for the activity that takes place in or through your Artemetry account. Try not to reuse your Artemetry account password in third-party applications. If you detect an unauthorized use of your Artemetry account or your password,  Get in touch with the administrators of the Artemetría AC platform immediately at the email artemetría.art@gmail.com or through our contact page:



Protection of privacy and copyright

The  privacy policies  de Artemetría explain the treatment of personal data and the protection of privacy when using our Services. If you use our services, you agree that Artemetría uses such data in accordance with its privacy policies.

We respond to notifications of suspected copyright infringement and terminate the accounts of users who commit repeated infringements in accordance with the process set forth in the United States' Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

We also offer information to make it easier for rights holders to manage their copyrights online. If you consider that any user is infringing your copyright and you want to inform us of this, contact us to obtain information on how to send notifications and about Artemetría's response policy.

Your content on our Services.

Some of our Services allow you to upload, send, store or receive content. If you do, you will continue to be the owner of the intellectual property rights you have over that content. In short, what belongs to you is yours.

By uploading, storing or receiving content or by submitting it to or through our Services, you grant Artemetría (and its collaborators) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (for example, those that result of the translation, adaptation or other changes that we make so that your content is better adapted to our Services), communicate, publish, perform or publicly display and distribute said content. Artemetria will use the rights conferred by this license solely for the purpose of providing, promoting and improving the Services and developing new services.


This license will remain in effect even when you stop using our Services (for example, in the case of a business listing that you have added to our community. Some Services allow you to access and delete content you have provided. Also, in some of our Services conditions or settings are included that limit our use of content that has been submitted to them. Make sure you have the necessary rights to grant us this license to any content that you submit to our Services.

Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you with product features that are relevant to you, such as personalized ads and search results, and malware and spam detection. This analysis is done when content is sent, received and when it is stored.

If you have an Artemetría account, we can display your profile name, profile photo, and the actions you take in Artemetría or in third-party applications connected to your Artemetría account (such as rating, writing reviews, and posting comments) on our Services, including appearance in advertisements and in other commercial contexts. We will respect the options you choose to limit what you want to share or the visibility settings of your Artemetry account. For example, you can configure the account so that your name and your photo do not appear in an advertisement or that these are pseudonyms, representations or nicknames.

For more information on how Artemetría uses or stores content, see the privacy policy or the additional conditions of each Service. Artemetria may use the comments or suggestions you send in relation to our Services without any obligation.


About the software on our Services.

If a Service requires or includes downloadable software, this software may be automatically updated on your device whenever new versions or features are available. Some Services may allow you to define automatic update settings.

Artemetria grants you a worldwide personal, royalty-free, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use the software provided to you as part of the Services. The sole purpose of this license is to allow you to use the Services offered by Artemetria and to benefit from them, as stipulated in these conditions. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or lend any part of our Services or the included software, nor may you reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of such software, unless the law prohibits such restrictions or if you have the consent of Artemetria. written.

Artemetry attaches great importance to open source software. Some of the software used by our Services is provided under an open source software license that we will make available to you. Some of the provisions in the open source software license may expressly override some of these conditions.

How to modify and cancel our Services.

Artemetry is constantly changing and improving its Services. As a result, we may add or remove some functions or features, or suspend or cancel a Service entirely.

You can stop using the Services at any time, although we would regret if this were the case. Similarly, Artemetria may stop providing the Services or add or create new limitations at any time.

We consider that you are the owner of your data and that it is important to preserve your access to it. If we interrupt a Service, in the cases where it is reasonable, we will inform you well in advance and allow you to extract the information from the Service.

Our guarantees and disclaimers.

Artemetria offers its Services with a reasonable level of competence and diligence from a social and commercial point of view, and we hope you enjoy using them. However, we cannot offer guarantees in relation to some aspects of our Services.



Responsibility for our Services.




Use of our Services by companies, institutions, associations, collectives, groups, participants, organizers, collaborators, guests, partners, individuals and users in general.

If you use the Services on behalf of your representation, you accept these conditions. Artemetría, its founders and its members and its subsidiaries, directors, agents and employees will be exempt from liability for claims, demands or legal actions that may arise from the use of the Services or from the violation of these conditions or that are related to the same, including any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, lawsuits, lawsuits, procedural costs and attorneys' fees.

About these conditions.

Artemetria may modify these conditions or additional conditions that apply to a Service to, for example, reflect changes in legislation or in the Services. We recommend that you check the conditions periodically. Artemetria will publish notices related to the modifications of these conditions on this page. Likewise, it will publish notices related to the modifications made in the additional conditions of the corresponding Service. The modifications will not be applied retroactively and will come into effect no less than 14 days from the date of their publication. However, modifications that affect new functions of a Service or changes made for legal reasons will take effect immediately. If you do not accept the modified terms of a Service, you must stop using that Service.

In case of conflict between these conditions and the additional conditions, these conditions will prevail over the additional conditions and over all cases.

These conditions govern the relationship between Artemetría and you, and do not generate any right that a third party may be the beneficiary of.

If you do not comply with these conditions and Artemetria does not take any action in this regard immediately, it will not be understood that you renounce the rights that you may have (such as, for example, taking actions in the future).

In the event that a certain condition is not mandatory, the rest of the conditions will not be affected.

The laws of the state of Mexico will apply to any litigation that arises from these conditions or the Services or that is related to them, without the provisions on conflicts of laws having effect. Both Artemetría and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts of the state of Mexico to solve the claims derived from these conditions or from the Services related to them.

For more information on how to contact Artemetria, access the  contact page :


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February 2017

February 2017




We welcome you and invite you to carefully read the general terms and conditions of use of this page (hereinafter, the terms), in accordance with the provisions of Mexican regulations. User registration  on the platform implies acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the service.



Artemetría is an association of Mexican civil society, non-profit and authorized grantee.

Your legal information and tax situation is of public order and your financial statements meet all transparency requirements and audits in Mexico.

The email address of the holders is: artemetria.art@gmail.com
The Artemetria web platform
  offers a wide range of possibilities to link creative, educational, technical and cultural talent through the web to achieve strong social cohesion among its members both in the virtual plane and in the physical world.

Access and use of the Artemetría electronic platform or portal implies the express acceptance of these terms, which may be modified at some point when it is considered convenient to optimize the regulation of access and use of the Platform. Once the modifications have been made, the user will refrain from continuing to use the website if they do not accept them.
The owners may deny or restrict access to users who do not respect the terms detailed below.



The following actors intervene in the Platform:
Artemetria and its founding members or the Holders


Collaborators: companies, institutions, associations, collectives, groups, participants, organizers, guests, partners:


to). Natural or legal persons who have an interest in organizing certain social movements by offering their professional services through our platform.


b). Natural or legal persons that favor and strengthen the cultural ties of Artemetría and the different actors of society through the web platform on a permanent basis.
c). Natural or legal persons who collaborate in a cultural project, product or service through our Platform as temporary guests.
User is
  Anyone who accesses and browses the website, regardless of whether they register and use any of the services offered.

Sponsors: Socially responsible companies and people who collaborate and contribute by providing tax-deductible capital to keep the dynamics and initiatives of Artemetría alive.


Through our platform you can access our community, which brings together individuals and professional teams from universities, foundations, institutions and entities from all over the national geography that wish to create for their members or groups a free and agile medium with which to favor the search self employment and self education.

The network of our community allows users of the platform to access others using the same identifier and password, thus being able to benefit from the services among all users

Therefore, access by  the username and password to the platform is unique and secure, provided that the user accepts responsibility for its confidentiality and prohibited disclosure.

The Entity that manages the access to the web portals, and that is in charge of the authentication, management and technical administration of the personal data of the network has been agreed upon and contracted with prior agreement of the founding members of the Asociación Mexicana Artemetría

In no case will the curricular data that you enter be shared, sent or sold to different portals.


1. Authorized users:


In order to access the Platform, it will be necessary to have previously registered by following the instructions included in it. If a natural person does not act in his own name, he must guarantee to  The Holders who are authorized by the user they represent to carry out said action in the case, for example, of being a minor or disabled. Legal and moral persons may also register. In this case, a natural person must be indicated as a contact, representing the registered company or NGO. The Holders may establish, according to their criteria, specific services for companies, organizations and public and private institutions.

The user guarantees that the information used to create their account and their profile is correct and complete, and must keep it updated at all times, exempting the Holders from the consequences and damages that the inaccuracy of the same may cause to third parties. Holders have the right to review data from their profiles and accounts.

2. User registration process:

For registration on the platform, the quick registration process is used as in a social network that allows creating an immediate user by providing a valid email and a secure password, However, you must indicate more details of your identity if you want. participate for some benefit in addition to the free ones offered by our platform, the users being responsible for reading, agreeing and accepting the terms and conditions in each case or event on a regular and periodic basis as well as filling in the forms that require it for their registration and adequate administration, in order to have participation in reward programs for those who are involved in actions of social and educational impact through our association and platform.

Only natural or legal persons who have reached 18 years of age or legally constituted companies that work on their own account or are authorized to establish legal transactions can formalize contracts with the owners of the platform. The use of the Platform is only possible if all the required information is provided. Users are required to specify, among others, a username and password to access some specific services.In addition, users must provide a valid email address, which in turn serves as a means of communication between users and the platform.

The user identification code and the access code are totally personal and non-transferable, assigned solely and expressly for the user, the same being responsible to the Holders and third parties for their correct use.

In the case of any loss or theft of the access codes, as well as any security violation of the same, the user will notify said incident to the Holders and will have the right to be granted another identification code and another password to be able to access the system.

Users are obliged at their own risk to make, to the extent deemed necessary, daily backup copies of all data (profile, project descriptions, offers, etc.) related to the use of the

The Holders do not assume the obligation nor do they have the technical means to verify the identity of those who register on the Platform. Therefore, the Holders will not be responsible in case of usurpation of the user's identity. In the event that a user considers that there is any irregularity in this regard, they may contact the Holders to report this fact.

The Holders reserve the right to reject any registration request whose content does not conform to the purposes of the platform.
The user can complete their participation registration by browsing the different categories where they will find the correct form for sending and registering their mode of participation.


Once the registration is completed, those responsible for the Platform carry out an evaluation of the registered users for the configuration of their profiles and projects within the Platform and in order to grant them permissions to carry out certain activities within it, for example, to be able to make online offers to the projects of other users through our association and platform or have a personalized address for private communication as a group or member of a study circle or forum.
The purpose of this evaluation process is to limit the functions within the Platform, select or filter candidates for projects, make recommendations to users, etc. The Holders use the information that users provide and that which comes from other public profiles of users in external references. The evaluation can be carried out by The Holders directly or through third-party experts in each area of collaboration.
  listed on the website.


1.     Users can benefit from various services when using the Online Platform. These services include, for example, the function of sending messages to other users and the possibility of publishing your own content related to projects and contracts. The user is obliged to respect the rules when using the Platform (specifically, criminal law, competition and child protection laws) and not violate the rights of third parties (specifically, the rights of trademarks, intellectual property , rights of the person and data protection). This includes the prohibition of sending advertising messages (in particular spam) without the consent of the recipient. If the content established by the user includes links to third party websites, the user must ensure that they authorize the use of those links, and that the websites to which the link refers comply with applicable law.

    The Platform provides a system for evaluating reasons and judgments through which users can express their opinions about other users with whom they have carried out a project, interspersed in a collaboration or exchanging their opinions from different points of view in a group of study, etc. Users are obliged to evaluate in the most honest, balanced and objective way possible. The Platform reserves the right to eliminate evaluations that may be considered contrary to the rights of the affected users or that are contrary to the law, morality or public order.  In these cases, the user will be informed that their comment has been deleted.

    The user grants the Holders a non-exclusive right, temporarily limited to the duration of the rights of the author and of universal scope over the works, of any kind, that the author shares on the Platform. In particular, this right allows the Owners to reproduce and publicly communicate the work.

    The user guarantees that he is the owner of all the rights to publish content on the Platform. In addition, the user guarantees that the content is not protected by third party rights that prevent the granting of contractual rights. The user guarantees that the use of the content of this contract does not infringe any personal rights of third parties and, in particular, that each person represented agrees with the contractual use of said content.

    The user is obliged to respect the copyright and undertakes not to make use of the content of others, for private or commercial purposes, except for the use of the specific options of the Platform. In particular, this means that users should only use the data and information obtained through the Online Platform for the communication of an ongoing project. In addition, it is prohibited to use such information for advertising, sending unsolicited emails or for other non-permitted purposes.

    The user will exonerate the Holders of all responsibility related to the claims of third parties, including complaints of violation of copyright, competition, data protection and the rights of people. The user must notify the Holders if they receive a notification from third parties who intend to take legal action related to the use of the Online Platform. The Holders have the right to take the relevant legal measures to defend themselves against claims made by third parties or to make their own claims. The measures proposed by the user must be agreed in advance with the Holders. The liability exemption also includes the reimbursement of legal expenses incurred by the Holders to know their legal rights.

    The user must refrain from carrying out any activity that may manipulate, interfere or overload the operations of the Platform or the technical support infrastructure and its functions or means of access.

    The user acknowledges that communications via email with the Holders or with other users are considered declarations of absolute intention. An email is considered to have originated from the owner of the sending address, unless proven otherwise.


The classics: INE (IFE)  , Household receipt less than three months, Curp, RFC.

Ours: Scotiabank account,  Banamex, Transfer,  Pay off "Oxxo" or Paypal to receive your donations  (commissions on payment platforms  that your entity applies are at your own expense). If there are none, BBVA Send will be used by default,  with it you can withdraw  in cash at any BBVA ATM (ATM  Bancomer) Without a card and without being a customer!  

Telephone  cell phone, @gmail account for the  communication and your CV on Linkedin,, Soitupro, or Portfoliobox.net, if you don't have any  you can send the address  from your own website or the cloud link to or drive from wherever you want to share it on  word or pdf, or send it  via email  to artemetria.art@gmail.com 

10.  The Holders put all the means to guarantee the correct functioning of the Platform and allow users access to the stored data. The Platform Owners are not responsible for the unavailability of the incorrect use of the Platform or other technical problems that may occur and that are unrelated to it. In particular, the Holders reserve the right to restrict access to the website, completely or partially, temporarily or permanently, due to maintenance work.


1.     Users agree not to publish their email address on the site, except for the "email" box of the "Registration Form".

    Not only will users not be able to exchange their email address, but the exchange of any other method of communication outside the Platform is prohibited, including telephone number, Skype, ICP, AIM, MSN Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo !, Facebook or web pages both personal and your own business or agency.

    Users agree to use the Platform's message system  as the only means to communicate with other users, from the making of contact until the closing or conclusion of any project, event, agreement or service.

    The Holders provide all users with a private messaging service necessary and sufficient for the negotiation of any project. The only exception to this clause will be given to those members of projects that have already been concluded and as long as they are not involved in another, this enables users to share projects and exchange contact information and to continue their business relationship outside of our Platform. .

5.     The user agrees to immediately inform the Holders if another requests contact information or payment of fees outside the Platform on behalf of Artemetría

    Once a project has been created and opened on the Platform, direct users of the Platform undertake not to negotiate the price of that project, event, agreement or service outside of it.


1.     Those persons or entities that intend to establish a link between their website and the Platform, must meet the following conditions:

  The hyperlink will only allow access to the home page of the web, but will not be able to reproduce it in any way.

§  A frame will not be created on the pages of the web page.

§  No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications will be made about the Owners or the Platform, members, participants, organizers and users of the same and the services provided.

§  It will not be declared or implied that the Holders have authorized the hyperlink or that they have supervised or assumed in any way the services offered from the web page on which the hyperlink is established.

§  With the exception of those signs that are part of the same hyperlink, the web page on which the hyperlink is established will not contain any brand, commercial name, establishment label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to individuals.

§  The web page on which the hyperlink is established will not contain illegal information or content, contrary to morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, as well as content contrary to the rights of third parties according to their geographical location and regional custom to no be that such images had a well-founded theoretical or scientific intention.

§  The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply, in any case, the existence of relations between the Holders and the owner of the web page on which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval by the Holders of its contents or services.
    The Holders make links available to users in order to facilitate access to information, services and other content available on the Internet. The links enabled on this website may lead the user to other websites managed by third parties, over which the Holders do not exercise any type of control or are liable for their content.


1.   The user expressly acknowledges, for all purposes, that the information, signs, images, designs, logos, animations, videos, texts, as well as the other elements and contents, including the services and computer applications of the web, are subject to rights. own industrial and intellectual property or  third party owners of the same who have the right to claim and report if they deem it convenient, however in good faith and on behalf of the purposes of the association we ask to remove their content or property, a consistent minimum period, whenever no content on the platform has intentions of profit or flagrant theft, but rather responds to common interests to promptly and collectively combat the basic needs of a country looted and indebted to private companies by those who should take care of it, its politicians and  Business partners.

2.     Users can view the information contained in the Platform and make private downloads or reproductions to their computer system, provided that the reproduced elements are not subsequently transferred to third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or a local network.

    Consequently, with the provisions of the previous section, the user may not reproduce, distribute, transform, or communicate to the public, or carry out any other activity that has not been expressly authorized on the elements and content indicated above by its legitimate owner in each case.

    The user will be directly responsible for all the consequences, damages and losses arising for the Holders or third parties from the infringement of any obligation contained in this clause.

    The user who proceeds to send any type of content to the Platform ensures that they have the necessary rights to do so, the Holders being exempt from any responsibility for the content and legality of the information offered.
    Facilitating content by the user through the web through the use of the post, chat, or community will mean the transfer to the Holders free of charge of the exploitation rights of intellectual and industrial property derived from such content, worldwide and during all the time that the rights of the owner last.

    The user recognizes the Holders the right to modify the content entered so that they are compatible with the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Platform.


  1. The Holders act as a mere intermediary. In no case, the Holders are responsible for the quality of the services offered through the Platform if it is a first participation of the user in our offer of services. The offering user is solely responsible for the offers he makes and the services he provides. We limit ourselves to guaranteeing its sanction on our website, (call for attention or permanent blocking) and legal complaint as warranted and according to experts in the field of state judicial laws, once reported by us to the relevant authorities when evaluating harmful behavior to our society or our public.

  2. Without prejudice to the limitations established in current legislation, the Holders are responsible for damages of any kind that may be due to lack of accuracy, completeness, timeliness, as well as errors or omissions that the information contained may suffer from. on the web or other content that can be accessed through it.

  3. The Holders are not responsible for damages caused by the improper use of the service by users. Users must refrain from performing acts of any kind that contravene applicable legislation.

  4. The Holders will not be obliged to repair damages, direct or indirect, caused by incomplete or incorrect and untrue information of the users, nor are they responsible for the behavior of the users, their possible breaches and / or of the possible insolvency situations in which they may find themselves.

  5. The Holders will not be obliged to repair the damages or losses, direct or indirect, that are a consequence of services provided by external providers with whom the Holders have reached collaboration or commercial agreements, in which they act only as mere intermediaries and that are unrelated. to the activity of the Platform between registered users.

  6. The Holders do not guarantee the availability, continuity or infallibility of the operation of the website, and consequently exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by current legislation, any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the Platform and the services enabled on it, as well as errors in accessing the different web pages or those from which, where appropriate, said services are provided.

  7. The Holders decline all responsibility for computer or other damages that may be caused to the visiting user when accessing the contents of the web. Therefore, the Holders do not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that could cause damage or alterations in the computer system, in electronic documents or in the files of the user or third parties.

  8. In no case will the Holders be responsible for the damages that the user may suffer in the event of breach of these terms.

  9. The user will be solely and exclusively responsible for the damages that may be caused to the Holders, to any user or third party, caused by bad faith, illegality, falsehood, inaccuracy, lack of diligence, breach of any information, content of any transaction, commitments or agreements that you assume with another user as a result of the use of the Platform or that derives from it.

  10. The Holders reserve the right to communicate the confidential information that users have communicated to them when it is imposed by law, regulation, regulation, ordinance or any other legal, judicial or governmental request.


In order that the use of the website complies with criteria of transparency, clarity and simplicity, the Holders offer themselves to the user to resolve any suggestion, doubt or query about the conditions of use through the email called artemetria.art@gmail .com


To unsubscribe from the Platform, it is necessary to send an email to the address artemetria.art@gmail.com indicating the reasons why you want to stop using the service.


In the case of legal problems derived from a service contract, the user must send a statement containing a valid reason for his claim or complaint to the other contracting parties of the service through the messaging center of the Platform before starting a procedure. arbitration or judicial. The other party to the service contract has a period of 30 days to give their opinion and resolve the conflict. The affected party can only initiate arbitration or legal proceedings after the end of this period.


1. The Holders reserve the right to unilaterally modify the terms of these conditions, especially in the event of technical, legal or jurisprudence developments, or at the time of launching new services. The user will be informed of the nature and scope of said modifications through an email sent to their email address. In the event that the user does not accept said modifications, the Holders reserve the possibility to rescind these conditions under the sole responsibility of the user.

2.     In the hypothesis that one of the provisions of these conditions is considered null by virtue of a legal or regulatory provision, present or future, or of a decision of justice vested with the authority of the court action and that emanates from a jurisdiction or of a competent body, said provision of the contract will be considered as unwritten or never expressed since we protect ourselves in ignorance and naturally human error and keeping all the other provisions of these conditions its character of mandatory compliance between the Parties.

3.     The fact that one or other of the Parties does not make one of the provisions of these conditions prevail at any given time may never be considered as a waiver on their part of the rights derived from them.


Access and use of the website, as well as the interpretation, compliance and execution of these terms and conditions, will be subject to the provisions of Mexican law. If you are a business entity, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or related to your contract, regardless of their legal merits, will be in the courts and under the law of the state of Mexico.

February 2017

February 2017

February 2017

February 2017

Fonde.art, the Crowdfunding  by ARTEMETRÍA AC


            We see that there are dreams  and there is money, the problem is that they are not  together. Can you help us gather them?



There are 2  different types of support that we can make or request through the platform in:  www.artemetria.com/fondeart

Tax deductible donation.  Recommended for companies.

Donating in this context means that legally of the 16% that you pay VAT to the SAT you can allocate 7% for Artemetría AC

It means that you do not give your money away, you only allocate to another cause what you would pay in taxes anyway.

You can try it because when you donate we will give you an invoice so that you can deduct it from your taxes in the SAT this month.

The best of all is that you can also donate other goods, not just money, which in turn are deductible because we will also give you a CFDI better known as an invoice for them.

If you are a company or one of those who like to contribute to congruent social causes, but do not know what is better, this is your option, we will invest it on your behalf in an excellent cause of social welfare and you can contribute with hundreds or thousands of pesos and you can do it right now by clicking on the word donate on the button (PayPal), if you want to specify the cause for the destination of your donation, add it as a concept on your receipt.


Funding with reward. Recommended for friends, family, fans and partners.

We recommend it for entrepreneurial projects, groups or NGOs where everything adds up to continue contributing to the mission of the company or organization and its growth.

In this case, the participant or group must propose an economic objective that will guide their entire project including a maximum of 30% additional for their rewards that  will select  to deliver on your behalf to those who contribute funds to your project.  

However, if it does not reach 100%, the group or individual may claim  the proceeds by presenting an action plan together with your project, that is, it will specify what you will do with 10% of the proceeds, 25%, 50% or the  75% etc. for us to deliver the budget or its equivalent in materials for the same purpose,  This allows you to be totally transparent with your potential collaborators who in turn will receive a small detail to  participant's name thanking the  valuable  collaboration of those who decide to support it.

In the event that he or the participants do not claim or do not comply with the agreement indicated in the previous paragraph, the money collected will be invested  In a project or similar purpose determined by the assembly of Artemetria AC, the participants or anchorages, who supported an unsuccessful project may request information on their investment on our platform, and copies of receipts equivalent to the same may be issued, but In no case may the investor or donor  claim the return of your creative investment or invoice said receipts in your name.      

This kind of donation is not billed because the gift will be billed and we keep the receipt to verify the contribution to the SAT.

The total rewards that a project can grant are equivalent to an economic percentage of it, Artemetría AC does not give away these rewards, they are financed through  from the same project fund and with the resources of those who decide to support it, for this the participants have increased the cost of their project by 30%, this means that there is a specific number of rewards that can be acquired and not all are the same , rewards are awarded based on a percentage match  of the donation, that is, whoever donates $ 100 or who donates $ 1000 will not receive the same reward and if it is the same  it will not be in quality or quantity and  The reason is obvious, this is not a sale, for $ 100 pesos you can receive a reward equivalent to $ 30 and count on $ 70 to go to the project you decide to support; in this way no one knows  is left over  empty handed and at the same time we keep it going  existing that which we love, creative person and beautiful works.       

To know more  details, check the platform at:  www.artemetria.com/fondeart


Benefits of  platform?


2 ways to support and obtain financial resources to develop a project, simple donation with  creative return and safe return donation or creative reward.


Management work and assurance of economic, material, virtual and human resources by the organizers of the platform for each of the projects.


This means that apart from guiding  to our participants in their  personal campaign on social and virtual networks, we mobilize forces to get funding with sponsors and help you get the best publicity and impact both physically and online.


We have ongoing workshops and consultancies at no cost to help you prepare your project at each stage and at the end of its planning it will be published through our platform and its social information media such as radio, web images, videos or post in social networks of our community.  


Public and online monitoring of funded projects in order to be completely transparent with the contributing, participating and organizing public.


We accept material donations invoiced at a low price from appraisers and experts in the field.


Participants or groups whose project has been carried out through our platform undertake to testify to the public of their achievement to encourage and continue to encourage other members of society to practice crowdfunding.


We will give an extension  to financing plans if they manage to obtain 70% of the economic resource in the first campaign.


We will carry out virtual catalogs and chronological monitoring of the works.


We also have collaborators and sponsors to optimize the funds according to the best quotes of economic resources,  materials and work efficiently through a supply agreement under world market standards.


This means that we ensure the best human capital costs for your production process and at the same time we put our Mexican professionals at the height of the world's economy, in addition to connecting with the best talents, creators, entrepreneurs and media personalities. current  to really take off your career, in addition to the benefits of our entire platform and the talent of the entire team that makes up Artemetría.


What do we do and who are we?


Fonde.art is responsible for publishing fundraising campaigns for Art, Science and Technology projects and ideas through a secure payment system that has been acquired by agreement with the American company PayPal Holdings, Inc. and the protection of the Scotiabank services, a Canadian-based banking institution.


We function as a tool that generates economic resources, co-creation services and the development of technological tools with a social and educational focus.


We are a team of people who share very clear knowledge and wishes and with very specific and defined philosophical motivations. We develop and design software for the linking, research and dissemination of science, art and technology, integrating in its management well structured and intercommunicated groups of people who in an organized way manage to show citizens the benefit of its use and its operation, with in order to achieve the expected cultural and social impact, thus uniting, creators, cultural managers and people from civil society to generate our work resource in a legal and official way before the state and offering an alternative to unemployment and the political crisis of our country and world economy.


We live in the city of Puebla and we are committed to our dreams and yours.



What do we believe and what are we?

We are a team that believes in deeds, not words or titles.

We do not have bosses or employees, we are not a pyramid or hierarchical company and it is mainly not our purpose to enrich ourselves at the expense of someone else's work.

Our principle is to work collectively and collaboratively and not believe in, or create internal leaders in our society.

We are guided by a guiding thought of our purposes and practices that is to obtain collaborative synergy, to combat the corporal, intellectual and aesthetic needs of the individuals of the society that has been crushed by capitalism and political corruption; not to acquire comfort and unnecessary luxuries or vanities, as is the case in which the superficial and coarse bourgeoisie tends to fall, which has no purpose other than to be enslaving parasites of the society by which they maintain their whims, vices and pleasures; modus vivendi  openly abhorred by our intrinsic thought and purpose and whose internal aims of our society will always be to persecute, combat and destroy it under the law of the Mexican state and with the help of communicative and social power.

Subjecting to this judgment both the social positions acquired thanks to the common trust and our platform until blocking the purchasing powers of which the offender of the principles and ideals of Artemetry has become.



To know more, consult:

Social Function of a Civil Association or AC in:  http://www.icnl.org/programs/lac/mexico/donatarios-y-donativos-deducibles.pdf


Education about donations and taxes :  http://media.wix.com/ugd/22f5bd_268019bec5c648fc8dcefa4d3aeb05b7.pdf



The following is the Privacy and Data Protection Policy applicable on our web platform or electronic portal to the information and personal data that users provide when registering on the Platform and using its different services or tools (hereinafter, users or the user).

1. File manager.

The Holders inform the user that, when registering on this Portal, the personal data collected will be subject to automated processing and incorporated into the corresponding automated file. According  To the applicable regulations, this File is registered in the General Data Protection Registry.  The Holders ensure the maximum reserve and protection of those personal data (the "Personal Data") that users of the Internet site enter the site in order to use its services.

The Holders provide users with the appropriate technical resources so that they become aware of the Privacy Policy and any other information that may be relevant in advance of their registration on the Platform, constituting the entry of Personal Data or confidential information in the same Express expression of your consent to this Privacy Policy.

The Holders reserve the right to modify this policy to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as to industry practices.


In these cases, the Holders will announce on this page the changes introduced with reasonable anticipation of their implementation.

The Holders can collect, analyze and use the information obtained from the Users, as a collective whole. This way they can determine which areas are preferred or the most used services. Said information, which is only used in an anonymous and dissociated way, makes it possible to determine how to make the Platform better and better for its users.


2. Mandatory and optional nature of the delivery of data for registration on the Platform and purpose of the treatment.  

The delivery of the data requested to obtain registration as a user and  Compliance with the requirements that are requested is mandatory for the user registration process. In the forms, those data that are considered necessary are marked with "*". The Holders reserve the right to modify this policy to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as to industry practices. In such cases, the Holders will announce on this page the changes introduced with reasonable anticipation of their implementation.


3. Veracity of the information and its quality.  

The user guarantees that the Personal Data provided to the Holders are true and is responsible for communicating any changes to them. The user expressly authorizes the Holders to verify the aforementioned data. The user also agrees to keep their data updated.

These data are necessary for the development and administration of the Platform, to verify the veracity of the data entered and the legal capacity of the user, for example, their ability to create and organize content, maintain and modify the contractual reports during the use of the Platform and in cases of claims. In addition, these data are essential for the preparation of the content of the service contracts established through the Holders.

If the user chooses to register in forms of the platform, the privacy policy of this should be read to know the data processing that is going to be carried out.
If the user registers information through his personal profile on our platform of a social network, he is authorizing the Holders to obtain all the public personal information that the user has in the aforementioned social network.

4. Purpose of the treatment.

The purpose of the automated collection and processing of personal data is to manage the relationships between the collaborative teams that seek to offer their services and the users that seek to link with those services. As well as the publication of their data by the Holders for project search management. Likewise, the treatment is aimed at the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the services in which the user decides to subscribe, register, or use the adaptation of said services to preferences.  and user tastes, the study of the use of services by users, the design of new services, and the sending of technical, operational and commercial information about their products and services.

5.  Publicity of personal data. Communication of personal data to third parties.

All the data that you enter in the platform, (except those of personal importance that you put in the forms of agreements and conventions with Artemetría AC as your contact information), are public for other users or affiliated companies, as well as users of Internet. The information that may be visible to third parties, within the Platform, includes, for example, the profile information and information about the projects that have been published or completed through the Platform up to that moment and any published evaluation or opinion received in this regard. Outside the Platform, the aforementioned information, except your private or contact information, may be public and displayed through search engines such as google, Yahoo !, Bing or similar.


In the event that the user does not want their information to be public and displayed through search engines, the Holders make available to users, the email address:  artemetria.art@gmail.com in which they must request the withdrawal of their information from our platform and we will do everything possible to unsubscribe it in the search engines mentioned above, but without guaranteeing or committing ourselves to its complete annihilation of the cyberspace .

In addition to the above cases, we will only send your personal data to third parties if we have a legal obligation to do so in order to: verify credit or address, provide information to credit agencies (for example, in the case of a contract termination due to late payment) and, if necessary, to guarantee our rights, especially in relation to the resolution of claims arising from contractual relationships.


6. Data security.

The Holders, in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the Personal Data or Confidential Information provided by the user, the Holders have configured and contracted all the means and technical measures at their disposal. However, users must take into consideration that the security levels on the Internet are not perfect, so that the Holders cannot guarantee the total and absolute inviolability of their Database, nor the perfect functioning of their protection and safeguard mechanisms. .

Please do not share your username and password. Deactivate the option to remember your password in your browser or take into account the options for erasing said information in cases where you use a shared or public computer.


7. Rights of the users.


Users are recognized and may exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, by means of a signed letter accompanied by a photocopy of their official identification and indication of their address, sent by ordinary postal mail to any of the addresses of the Holders indicated. at the top of these policies.

8. Request to unsubscribe from registered users.

When a user who is registered more than once on our website wants to unsubscribe from them, they will have to unsubscribe from all those portals in which they want to unsubscribe associated with our website.


9. Consent to International Data Transfer.

Keep in mind that the Internet has no borders, so that access to your data can be made by any company located within or outside of Mexico, and even in countries for which there would be international data transfer in the use of bank cards, for example. Therefore, the user must be aware of such eventual international transfers.


On the other hand, the Entity that manages the access to the web portals, and that is in charge of the authentication, management and treatment of the personal data of the network and hosting on its servers is the company Wix.com Customer Service: +1 415-639-9034 Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, Its CEO is: Avishai Abrahami (Sept 2010–) and its Founders: Nadav Abrahami, Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan and its Subsidiaries are: Flok, Wix.com UAB, Wix.com Luxemburg Sarl  Company that offers internet services and will therefore act as the person in charge of processing the personal data of network users, authorizing users to transfer their personal data internationally to this Company for the provision of such services at the time of registration. on the web portals, in accordance with the provisions of their registration forms.

10. Responsible for the file in the registration data in Artemetría.

Through this website you can access this portal, which belongs to our platform, but not only since our website also groups job portals, schools and professionals, Universities, foundations, public administrations, institutions and entities throughout the national geography who wish to create for their groups a free and agile means with which to promote the search for self-employment and self-education and those with whom they have labor agreements.



1.  Cookies concept


Cookies are files that are stored on the user's computer that browses the Internet and that, in particular, contains a number that allows the user's computer to be uniquely identified, even if it changes location or IP address.

Cookies are installed while browsing the Internet, either by the websites that the user visits or by third parties with whom the website is related, and allows the latter to know their activity on the same site or on others with which they are It relates this, for example: the place from which you access, the connection time, the device from which you access (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited pages, the number of clicks made and data regarding the sharing of the user on the Internet.

The website is accessible without the need for cookies to be activated or without you registering as a user, however this may prevent its proper functioning.

2. Authorization for the use of cookies

In accordance with the cookie notice that appears when entering the website, the user or visitor of the same accepts that, when browsing it, expressly consents to the use of cookies according to the description detailed below, except to the extent that you have modified your browser settings to reject the use of them.

3. Types of cookies used on the web

The user who browses the Web may find cookies inserted directly by the Holders, or cookies inserted by entities other than these, as detailed in the following sections.


3.1. Strictly necessary cookies inserted by the Holders

    The Owners of the Web use strictly necessary cookies that serve to facilitate correct navigation on the Web site, as well as to ensure that their content is loaded efficiently. These cookies are session and autologin cookies. Session cookies are destroyed at the end of each session and autologin cookies are persistent and allow the user not to have to re-enter their username and password each time they enter the portal from the same computer or mobile device.

3.2. Third party cookies

   The entities other than the Holders that use cookies on the website are detailed below, as well as their purposes:

Cookies for the mediation of traffic on the Portal:  The Holders use Google Analytics cookies to collect statistical data on user activity on the website and, in this way, to improve the services provided to users. This cookie allows the analysis of user traffic by generating an anonymous user ID that is used to measure how many times a user visits the Site. It also records when was the first and last time you visited the Web, when a session was ended and the origin of the user.


3.3 Cookies for advertising purposes

    Google inserts cookies to Web users to show them related advertising content, based on previous user interactions, visits to the advertiser's website, IP of origin, etc. Thus, with the data  collected from cookies, the advertisements displayed on the website are served and managed more efficiently.

Cookies for advertising purposes :  Adconion, Google Adsense and Dobleclick insert cookies to Web users to show them related advertising content, based on previous user interactions, visits to the advertiser's website, IP of origin, etc. In this way, with the data that is collected from the cookies, the advertisements displayed on the website are published and managed more efficiently.


These warnings are based on the fact that we use Google Inc. communications and services as official ones for our collaborative interaction on the web.


And you can know everything about us at: www.artemetria.com




And you can know his proposal in:  www.internetforcreativepeople.org

PC web platform version 1.9

It is compatible with touch screens and platforms that run html5 designed in a simple way.  with the search engines Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Maxthon, Firefox among others. Fully functional with the latest Windows 10, Linux and Os operating systems.

System requirements: 6G RAM. Optimum

Internet connection: Indispensable.

Web Browser: Required.

Compatible version   on iOS and Android.